ONE POSSIBLE OPTION is a fourpiece rock band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 2011.

Blending the raw energy of rock with electronic elements, unorthodox guitar work and songs built around strong vocal melodies, One Possible Option bring a modern and unique sound to alternative rock. Lyrics often draw inspiration from introspection and personal struggles as well as social and ecological awareness.

In the beginnings of the band, between 2012 and 2015, OPO toured a lot in Europe, releasing two EPs with great critical acclaim in UK and the US.

Following that period, the group started work on their first full length album. Taking time with the process, the album was written and recorded through a three year period, with the band determined to define and refine their songwriting and the whole sound aesthetic of One Possible Option and come out with a statement in the form of their debut 2020 album “No King” after signing for the region’s biggest label Croatia Records in early 2020.

Deni Kasapović – Vocal, programming
Zdravko “Piggy” Kasapović – Guitar
Boris Brailo – Bass
Dejan “Deva” Adamović – Drums