ONE POSSIBLE OPTION is a fourpiece rock band from Rijeka, Croatia formed in 2011.
The band writes about what they feel the world needs today, and that’s introspection and working on ourselves.
Musically, the band has it’s own recogniseable identity, with melodic and sensitive vocal lines backed by broad a broad and heavy, sluggish and at times atmosferic band, accompanied by electronic and orchestral sounds, and a fresh and unique approach to melody, song structure and sound.

In reviews sometimes compared to a modern approach to the music of the bands Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, Imagine Dragons and Nine Inch Nails, but again sounding nothing alike any of those bands, with a distinct sound of their own.
The priority is the song, the complete honesty to the point of vulnerability of expressing sensibility in writing that happens when the five band members sit down together in a room to make music. And most of all the message behind that music.

Deni Kasapović – Vocal
Zdravko “Piggy” Kasapović – Guitar
Edvin Nađ – Bass
Dejan “Deva” Adamović – Drums


  • I EP, 2014 OSA Media

  • My Name is Uncreature EP, 2013 Spona / Setalight Records

  • Hey You Album, 2012 Self-released

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