ONE POSSIBLE OPTION (a.k.a. OPO) is an alternative rock band formed in 2011 in Rijeka, Croatia.

The band writes about what we feel the world needs today, and that’s introspection and working on ourselves.

Musically it’s hard to describe the band in just a few lines, but the song itself has to be at the first place, always. The sound of the band is not standard rock’n’roll. In reviews OPO’s music is described as a modern rock sound with a strong and engaged lyrical approach, a mix of alternative rock, desert rock and some elements of industrial or electronica.

Over the years OPO have introduced themselves to audiences outside of Croatia aswell, playing shows in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Besides solo concerts, the band has performed on many festivals, some notable mentions are Croatian festivals such as the Park Rock Festival in Novigrad, Hartera in Rijeka, House of David in Labin and maybe the most notable mention outside Croatia would be the Wildlife Rock Fest in Treppo Carnico, Italy, where the band was recognised by the organisators for both their music and lyrics, and asked to perform as headliners of the 2012 edition of the festival.

After almost a four year break from touring, One Possible Option has finished the recording of a new album which will be introduced to the audiences for the first time live in 2019.

Deni Kasapović – Vocal
Zdravko “Piggy” Kasapović – Guitar
Danijel “Ernest” Milosavljević – Guitar
Edvin NaĐ – Bass
Dejan “Deva” Adamović – Drums


  • I EP, 2014 OSA Media

  • My Name is Uncreature EP, 2013 Spona / Setalight Records

  • From East to West and Back Again Split Album w/Samavayo, 2013 Setalight Records

  • Hey You Album, 2012 Self-released

OPO in Press